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JJ Abrams: Right or Wrong?

Stay safe out on those roads everyone! UPDATE, 4 p.m.: The Pocono Beer Club has postponed its meeting at Pocono Brewing Company to next Monday. So yeah, it’s slick out there. The problem with this blog is that I’ve got a pretty good groove going, and the end of the week is taken up. Thursdays […]

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Yet Another Chance to Dip in to the “Ben Whofleck” Well

Links, and a Zero Dark Thirty mini-review down the bottom so you can avoid it if you want to avoid spoilers, although “bin Laden dies” goes without saying, I hope: Confession — I watched about five minutes of the Golden Globes. With new episodes of Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Happy Endings (why […]

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Or Maybe the Golden Globes Just Forgot About Mad Men???

No one should get this pissed off over a silly awards show that is considered more party than awards anyway. The Golden Globes are the only place in Hollywood, and maybe the only non-wedding reception situation, where it’s acceptable to go in front of tens of millions of people on live TV while you’re poopfaced […]

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Best Golden Globes Guesses

(This is a preview of Sunday’s PopRox column that will appear in the Pocono Record. Yes, it’s a little early right now to talk about Golden Globe nominations, but for Sunday’s column, when I try to look ahead to the most interesting thing of the upcoming week, it won’t be.) Predicting the Oscar nominations isn’t […]

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Modern Family Swearing, LL Rising, Cougar Town Returning and More

Normally, I’d take any opportunity to stick it to the Hollywood studio machine. So under normal circumstances, this Internet blackout thing would be right up my alley. But a couple of things intervened: 1. Because of my schedule (took a four-day weekend for my nephew’s first birthday in Virginia Beach, I’m not apologizing for that), I haven’t put […]

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Awards Season Overload is On. Oh, It’s So On.

It’s gonna be tough to skip away from Awards Season at this point, especially with Golden Globes nominations on Thursday, (I’ll be blogging that morning with reactions, btw). I’ll make every effort to do it, sorry in advance if this blog gets too bogged down in silly awards that consider themselves a precursor to Oscar success, but […]

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Quit Screwing with the TV Schedule, Chuckles

Some snowy day links: If you’re new to these parts, we try to stay away from the tabloid stuff ’round here. TMZ and about 7 trillion other sites and blogs already do that with about 1,000 times more energy than I could ever muster. So I don’t bother with Charlie Sheen kind of stuff — […]

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Five Questions We Need Answered at the Golden Globes

You know that fun-loving brother you have that comes to family dinners once a year, proceeds to finish both bottles of wine he brought for everyone and says at least three things that compel at least half of the table to roll their eyes? That’s the Golden Globes. We treat them both the same way. We don’t […]

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Golden Globes Sink to New Low

Let’s see if I can focus and stop giggling over the Cliff Lee signing to think of something coherent to say about the Golden Globes … OK, got something. Apparently, the Golden Globes didn’t think its reputation as a silly awards show without much credibility had been nailed down quite strongly enough. So instead of trying […]

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golden globe fallout

Some PopRox scheduling: Looking to throw out some best of the decade stuff over New Year’s Week, Dec. 28-31. No best of the year yet, since that’s sooooooo 2008. Maybe in January sometime, but I know I haven’t seen enough movies to make a top 10 list yet. As for best of the decade, right […]

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