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It’s True. We Saw All Those Boobs.

Leftover Oscar thoughts: What’s worse, the chauvinistic We Saw Your Boobs song Seth MacFarlane belted out, or the fact that I knew all those movies for those specific nudity-related reasons and thought the list was incomplete and flawed? Why did he go with Monster’s Ball for Halle Berry instead of Swordfish? And Brokeback Mountain for […]

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Holiday Movie Preview, Part 2: Breaking Blockbusters

Blockbusters aren’t just for summer anymore. Now it’s the holiday season’s turn to unleash its biggest movies on us with Bond, Bilbo Baggins, bin Laden and Bella all making appearances: CLOUD ATLAS Release: Friday Stars: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon Twitter premise: Trippy time-traveling yarn about living multiple, inter-connected lives. #itsathinker Why you want […]

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Another 2010 Movie Recommendation with Conditions

Saw Blue Valentine over the weekend, and at the last minute, it was inserted it as my #4 movie of 2010 and coined it one of the four movies of the year I was actually excited about when I left the theater/DVD viewing. Well, as excited as you can be about seeing the most painfully realistic movie […]

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Five Questions We Need Answered at the Golden Globes

You know that fun-loving brother you have that comes to family dinners once a year, proceeds to finish both bottles of wine he brought for everyone and says at least three things that compel at least half of the table to roll their eyes? That’s the Golden Globes. We treat them both the same way. We don’t […]

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