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Revisiting the Summer Movie Slate and Looking to the Fall

Rain or no rain, we can still hit the links: It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day. Kids are back in school. It’s cold. The only thing that says it’s still summer is the date. That makes this as good a time as any to go back and assess my summer movie box office predictions from May. My predictions: 1. Tranny […]

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Black Friday Updates All Morning Friday!

Three cool days coming up here. Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, designed to be the most laid-back holiday of them all and Friday is Black Friday, which has become an unofficial holiday around here because of all the shopping and all the prior arrangements that need to be […]

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No More Russell Crowe-in’

Straight links, let’s hit it: There’s yet another lesson in the weekend’s box office, where Harry Potter managed its biggest opening in the franchise’s history and the sixth-biggest of all time. The lesson? Don’t eff with Harry. Not even you, Russell Crowe. Opening Crowe’s The Next Three Days was a gamble, but since the audiences were completely […]

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Lessons from the Box Office

We’re a little later today, sorry about that. Quick note to remember our contest for the Harry Potter midnight show tickets at the Pocono Community Theater. Deadline is Wednesday at noon to enter. Also, I’ve been directed to blow out some Harry Potter coverage for Thursday’s paper too. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re in […]

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Only Night Owls Need Apply … er, Enter

Big news! We got confirmation Wednesday from our friends at Pocono Community Theater that they’re supplying us with a pair of tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I — and I’m giving those tickets away to one lucky reader. And it’s not just tickets, it’s a movie package. […]

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Trailer Day

Here’s your first reminder/warning, of which there will be plenty more — another PopRox chat is coming. We’re all set for Aug. 6 at noon, a week from Friday. I’m gonna lay down some ground rules next week so we don’t get a repeat of the July 2 chat, just so we know what you […]

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