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Oh, the Cleverness of Titles like “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Links: To think The Hobbit wouldn’t have been the hit it already is or have the opening weekend it had would be nuts. For whatever reason, it’s not resonating with critics, with one even daring to mention the unthinkable of prequels, Star Wars. That’s like jinxing Picaso from ever painting again. Getting $84 million is […]

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Bring on the Movies!

Catching up: These first two weekends of December have been brutal for the box office and boring for the rest of us to follow along. Suffice it to say that ends this week, when the Hobbit (my guess: $70 million this weekend) kicks off 11 days of pure box office bliss. It’s one of the […]

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Holiday Movie Preview, Part 2: Breaking Blockbusters

Blockbusters aren’t just for summer anymore. Now it’s the holiday season’s turn to unleash its biggest movies on us with Bond, Bilbo Baggins, bin Laden and Bella all making appearances: CLOUD ATLAS Release: Friday Stars: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon Twitter premise: Trippy time-traveling yarn about living multiple, inter-connected lives. #itsathinker Why you want […]

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