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The British are Coming!

There’s a great line in Clue — one of my top 10 all-time comedies — where Howard Hessman is posing as a door-to-door religion peddler. Beatnik: “Armageddon is almost upon us!” Professor Plumb, deadpan: “I got news for ya, it’s already here.” That’s how I felt when I heard the news Sunday about the actor tapped […]

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No More Russell Crowe-in’

Straight links, let’s hit it: There’s yet another lesson in the weekend’s box office, where Harry Potter managed its biggest opening in the franchise’s history and the sixth-biggest of all time. The lesson? Don’t eff with Harry. Not even you, Russell Crowe. Opening Crowe’s The Next Three Days was a gamble, but since the audiences were completely […]

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