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It’s True. We Saw All Those Boobs.

Leftover Oscar thoughts: What’s worse, the chauvinistic We Saw Your Boobs song Seth MacFarlane belted out, or the fact that I knew all those movies for those specific nudity-related reasons and thought the list was incomplete and flawed? Why did he go with Monster’s Ball for Halle Berry instead of Swordfish? And Brokeback Mountain for […]

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Let’s All Assess the Future Prospects of Will Smith

Post Memorial Day, get-back-to-work links. So if they’re a little off … whatever. Let’s all bury the potential profitability of the summer movie season because two troubled productions — Battleship and MIB3 — performed poorly over the last two weeks. Oh, really? A movie that was undergoing constant script revisions, took a planned or unplanned month-long hiatus […]

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Give ‘Em Some Emmy Love

Back with links tomorrow, but this is your weekly, extended look at the PopRox Sunday column: The Emmys had a hard job narrowing down the nominees back in the 80s when there were only three networks and scant original programming on any of the 10 or so other channels. Now? There are two new over-the-air networks, […]

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