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TV Shows That May (Or May Not) Be Coming to a Theater Near You

We’re living in an age where just because a TV show gets canceled — or is about to be canceled — that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Shows can take the DirecTV route (Friday Night Lights, Damages), the canceled-but-resurrected road (Breaking In) or the ever-popular, hardly ever working¬†online petition chance. None of those is more popular […]

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If C. Thomas Howell’s Part Gets Cut, You Know Why

Straight links, and they’re long today to catch up with some big news of the weekend:¬† It’s an interesting phenomenon. We hear rumors so much and so often that we just tend to believe them. Like hearing about the villain in next year’s Spider-Man movie. For months, we’ve just assumed it’s going to be the […]

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There’s This Movie Coming Out, Not Sure If You Heard About It, Stars Downey Jr. …

I really wanted to do the second part of the State of the TV post today, but I’ve accumulated so much news over the last couple days — news you may have missed — that I just can’t avoid going straight links today. Did you know Due Date starts this weekend? No, really, it does! […]

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