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NBC and Fox First for Upfronts; Brothers and Sisters Finale Watch

Late today, sorry. I toyed with not even posting today, but there is too much going on. There is a spoiler-filled Brothers and Sisters finale review at the bottom: NBC had two options going into next year’s TV season when they unveiled their schedule today. It could either start the rebuilding process from being the […]

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Wait, is American Idol Leaving Too?

I can’t believe how much news I let pile up. But let’s try to blow through it, there might not be a ton of commentary for every item. One note: There is a very spoiler-heavy review of the crazy Vampire Diaries season finale at the bottom of this, so if you haven’t seen it yet […]

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Clash of the 3-D theaters

A little giddy thinking about Opening Day today, so if I’m a little scatter-brained, please forgive. Score another win for 3-D — even if we here in Monroe County have to drive a half-hour or 45 minutes to see any movies in the new format. Clash of the Titans, which was converted to 3-D after […]

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