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Have We Seen the Last of the Jack Black Era?

Here’s to hoping Santa was good to everyone, you got through Christmas without throwing a snowman plate at your stepmother and your drive in to work today was accident-free. That last one is asking a lot. If you’re on the mountain today, I’d advise not even going outside if you don’t have to. I stopped […]

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Turn of the Spider-Man

In the entertainment world, it’s always interesting to wonder why people take on impossible projects. Why did James Cameron want to go through pain-staking efforts, delays and budget upheavals to make Titanic? Why did Fox greenlight a single-minded serial show like 24 when just about every other serial show in TV history failed miserably? Why would […]

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Live Chat Tomorrow!

One more day til we get to another edition of the PopRox live chat, which is right here tomorrow at noon. So it’s time to set some ground rules because in the July 2 edition, there were some … issues. It seemed like we had two camps of people, people that had important pop culture questions/comments/observations […]

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Trailer Day

Here’s your first reminder/warning, of which there will be plenty more — another PopRox chat is coming. We’re all set for Aug. 6 at noon, a week from Friday. I’m gonna lay down some ground rules next week so we don’t get a repeat of the July 2 chat, just so we know what you […]

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