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Superman or Sam Axe? You Decide

Links: Wait, this is Henry Cavill as Superman? He doesn’t look anything like the publicity shots we saw when he was announced as the new Superman. He looks about 10 years older than he did then. He just turned 27, and he looks like he’s 35, easy. He looks like Bruce Campbell’s twin brother in that […]

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TV’s Most Influential

You won’t see many more subjective lists than this, Adweek’s 100 most influential shows of all time. It’s a decent list for the most part, but a frustrating one nonetheless. I feel for Adweek, they probably took months to put this list together and justify each pick, just like I had to do over the […]

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The Short Road to Obscurity

You can’t watch an episode of Dukes of Hazzard anymore. It’s impossible to enjoy an old Love Boat episode. It looks like NBC made Miami Vice in some kind of Miami-based time warp. At the time, we watched those TV shows like the networks were crack dealers and we needed our fix. They gave us whatever we […]

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