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Movie Observing

Time to hit some 2012 movie reviews. I say it all the time, but I consider myself more of a movie observer than a movie reviewer. Just a bit too unorthodox and untrained to actually say “reviewer.” Anyway … THE LONLIEST PLANET: It sounds a poop-ton better than the original working title, “A Couple’s Worst […]

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2013: Hopefully Not “The Year of Meh”

(This is an early preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s paper.) Did you ever feel that a “Like” button on Facebook just isn’t good enough? Me too. We need more choices. How about “Like,” “Meh” and “Dislike”? That just about covers it, right? It works for my latest column gimmick, at least, going over […]

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Awards Season Primer

You’re never quite ready for Awards Season. It’s a dizzying five months of movies. From October to December, two or three new Oscar contenders are released into theaters every week. From the end of November to February, every movie-watching organization in the country releases their own versions of the awards. It’s a taxing, exciting, redundant, spectacular […]

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Another 2010 Movie Recommendation with Conditions

Saw Blue Valentine over the weekend, and at the last minute, it was inserted it as my #4 movie of 2010 and coined it one of the four movies of the year I was actually excited about when I left the theater/DVD viewing. Well, as excited as you can be about seeing the most painfully realistic movie […]

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