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Uh Oh … the Last Links Blog Post?

I’ve put this off as long as I could, but just so everyone knows, this is my last week at the Pocono Record. I’ve been asked to write a farewell column as my final Sunday PopRox column in the paper, so that’s where I’ll save all the mushy stuff for. I’ll post it here tomorrow, […]

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Alternate Title: The Last Movie

If you’re interested in a half-assed review of Friday’s Fringe finale, head to the bottom. If not, enjoy some links: You can’t convince me any right-thinking studio person had any kind of expectations about the Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand. Even though it B-O-M-B-E-D BOMBED this weekend to the tune of a putrid $6 million, […]

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New Dark Knight Trailer, the Return of Daria and Another New Trailer That Might Interest You

Felt like posting a lot of video today, enjoy. Sorry if it takes a while to load on your phone. Dammit, MTV! That’s dirty pool! After bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butthead last year, you shouldn’t put out press releases saying how you’re bringing back Daria. People immediately assume you’re making new episodes […]

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The Day the Movie Music Died

People spent Tuesday dissecting the snubs and surprises of the Oscar nominations, but only a few seemed to notice just two songs were nominated for best original song. You know when else that happened? Never. It was the first time only two original songs were nominated in a category that once was considered one of the most […]

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Welcome Back, Beavis and Butthead and a New Contest Announcement

The Cinemark Stroud Mall opens Nov. 4, but I’ve got tickets to get you in there a day early for a VIP party. I’ve got five sets of four tickets each to give away to the Thursday, Nov. 3 VIP party. Five lucky winners will be able to take three of their friends and family […]

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Happy Birthday MTV! You Don’t Look a Day Over 29

Interviewing Larry the Cable Guy tomorrow, feel free to send in a question for me to ask him. I think I’ll take the best question I can find in the comment section down below to ask him, so come up with a good one. I already asked his management, and they’re cool with me asking him […]

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Oscar Changes, Local Reality Stars, Avengers and the Fate of Some Famous TV Shows

That’s right, it’s all here today. But before we get into it, don’t forget about the KISS ticket contest! We’re taking 100-word essays on why you’re the biggest KISS fan until June 22, a week from today. Couple local notes: Be sure to check out a Pocono Mountain grad on TV tonight on the premiere of […]

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Post-Oscar Thoughts and Kevin Smith the Trailblazer

Sorry it’s been so long without some straight links, so here we go: I’m not buying, at all, that King’s Speech is the new favorite for the best picture Oscar simply because it got the most nominations. It’s far inferior to Social Network and Inception and Social Network has all the momentum even though it […]

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Sick of Sequels? Or Are You Just Sick of Bad Movies?

Perhaps calling the lagging box office so far this summer movie season “Sequelitis” is a little short-sighted. Yeah, every summer movie seems to be a sequel so far this summer. And yeah, all of them have underperformed the lofty expectations set upon them. Maybe the expectations weren’t terribly realistic — we’ve already covered the lunacy […]

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