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Oh, Those Golden Globes, Oh, Those Golden Globes …

Happy Golden Globes Nominations Day everyone! What, I’m the only one that celebrates it? Anyway, Golden Globe nominees are out now, signaling the official beginning of Awards Season. Everything up until this point has been Memorial Day. It’s hot, we have it off, but it’s not really summer. Golden Globes Nominations Day is like June 21 — […]

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TV’s Winners and Losers … So Far

Is it too early to start talking about winners and losers for the fall TV season since there are about a dozen shows that haven’t even premiered yet? You bet it is. Think that’s stopping me? You bet it won’t. WINNERS FOX: X-Factor may not be the American Idol-like hit the network wanted. And Terra […]

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Stray Emmy Thoughts, Cameron Crowe and More TV Reviews

The new TV season is underway and I’m already behind. I actually thought about DVR-ing the 2.5 Men premiere to see what Ashton Kutcher was like, but thought my DVR privileges might forever be taken away from me if I did. Like, I’d go and try to tape Breaking Bad and the DVR wouldn’t let […]

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Adios, Rescue Me

For someone with a lot of family in the Wilkes-Barre area and along the Susquehanna River in general, I’m having a hard time doing anything other than watching the news and finding the latest updates. But let’s see if we can do it anyway. After reviews of one season finale and another premiere, it’s the […]

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