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Talkin’ Oscar

Little short on time, but yesterday was probably the first time I was in the same room with two Oscar nominees. Or at least two Oscar nominees five days before the Oscars in which they’re nominated. That happened yesterday at Honesdale High School of all places, where Mark Ruffalo (best supporting actor for Kids Are […]

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Best Bets for Best Picture

Got some really good news. Well, I think it’s really good news. The PopRox live chat scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday to talk about Oscar nominations will NOT be behind the PoconoRecord.com paywall and will be FREE for all users. I’m pretty friggin’ happy about that. When the Pocono Record started the paywall a couple months ago, I made […]

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No Oscar for Stiller, Please!

(FYI, thoughts on the Sons of Anarchy finale are at the bottom because it’s spoiler-heavy …) Suffice it to say, I’m still catching up on 2010 movies. Technically, that’s like saying last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a quiet little affair — both big understatements. Once the TV season stalls out in about a week or […]

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The NBC Thursday Dilemma

Congratulations to Carla Parnes of Gilbert, who won the tickets for the Harry Potter midnight show last night! Hope it was a great show! Anyone who did get to any of the shows last night and want to shoot me their quick review, I’ll try to post them later on the blog. Or just leave […]

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bigelow’s big night

Has anyone ever had a better Oscar night than Kathryn Bigelow? The only thing she didn’t do during the four-hour telecast Sunday was cure cancer. Wait, did she? In the span of four hours, consider the following: –She watched and smiled ear-to-ear and clapped profusely while her little movie about an American Army bomb defusing team […]

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Oscar picks not as hard as usual — 10 movies or not

Making Oscar picks is hard. Kind of like how hard it’s going to be for Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin to make a cohesive, thoughtful joke Sunday night. First, you have to see all the movies. Then you have to formulate your own opinions on those movies. Then you watch all the other awards shows to […]

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selling toys more important than selling movies

Things to thing of so you don’t have to think of a press conference the press isn’t invited to … We all thought it. We all figured this was how Hollywood worked. Now, we know for sure Hollywood doesn’t care about its movies, only its merchandising. Disney is putting anything that can’t sell a toy […]

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