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The Death of the Action Star

Lost in the midst of everyone popping a boner for how awesome it is that Liam Neeson has turned himself into an action star (including me) is that no one has asked the question: Wait, how the hell did a 60-year-old thespian who looks like my dad at my college graduation just become one of […]

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Whitney Houston, One of the Best Ever

I’m pretty sure I’ve never considered myself a Whitney Houston fan. Never hated her either. But¬†growing up in the 80s, she couldn’t be avoided. She was everywhere, and there were completely legitimate arguments over which female singer ruled the decade, her or Madonna (Madonna in a landslide, but that’s just me). What Whitney Houston did, […]

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Don’t See Phantom Menace in the Theaters. Please.

The last thing anyone should ever do is tell someone how to spend their money. There are times when I’m compelled to inform people where their money is actually going, how it’s going to be used and why it’s being taken out of their pocket in the first place,¬†but that’s for information purposes. You can […]

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