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The Death of the Action Star

Lost in the midst of everyone popping a boner for how awesome it is that Liam Neeson has turned himself into an action star (including me) is that no one has asked the question: Wait, how the hell did a 60-year-old thespian who looks like my dad at my college graduation just become one of […]

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No More Russell Crowe-in’

Straight links, let’s hit it: There’s yet another lesson in the weekend’s box office, where Harry Potter managed its biggest opening in the franchise’s history and the sixth-biggest of all time. The lesson? Don’t eff with Harry. Not even you, Russell Crowe. Opening Crowe’s The Next Three Days was a gamble, but since the audiences were completely […]

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Lessons from the Box Office

We’re a little later today, sorry about that. Quick note to remember our contest for the Harry Potter midnight show tickets at the Pocono Community Theater. Deadline is Wednesday at noon to enter. Also, I’ve been directed to blow out some Harry Potter coverage for Thursday’s paper too. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re in […]

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The Summer That Was

The good news about the box office for the weekend is that all three of the new releases were non-sequels, one of the few times that’s happened this summer. The bad news is that there’s probably already an Expendables 2 script being written right now, the other two were book adaptations and Scott Pilgrim laid […]

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