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Calling Actors Out for Saying Egotistical Things

(This is a preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s paper. It looks different because it is. I’m not allowed to be as free-wheeling in the paper. You don’t have to study the two versions to see where it’s different, but feel free to and come back every Thursday to see the REAL version, the […]

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The Perfect Oscars Host Has Been Built Already

Links: Done and done. I’m pretty pissed off I didn’t think of this before, that Justin Timberlake should be hosting the 2014 Oscars. You can rack your brain for a week and you won’t come up with a better candidate. Let’s go through some facts: 1. He’s universally adored by every woman on the planet. […]

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Wonder Why Wonder Woman Costume Was Bad

This is it. This may be the snowstorm that pushes me over the edge. Seriously. I’m just not sure how much more I can take. Snow on the first day of spring is one thing. Snow on Phillies’ opening day is another. Maybe I can distract you from the unholy crap falling from the sky […]

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Who Will Be on Hollywood’s Next A-list?

We’re starting to kick around ideas for a PopRox podcast — or what we’re going to call the “Popcast.” Get it? Great. Just a 15-20 minute audio or video file of me bitching about the latest Avengers rumor, extrapolating the reasons why Mad Men is the best show on TV or talking about the best […]

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Comic Book Movie News

We got our five winners for the Wurst Festival tickets, thanks to everyone who entered! there’s going to be another contest coming up in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out for it. Right to the links: So much for Marvel not keeping Hulk on The Avengers roster. Looks like Mark Ruffalo could take […]

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TV Shows That Need to Be on DVD

Hope everyone had a wild — but safe — Fourth of July. I’m still having involuntary spasms in my neck, which I’m blaming on being traumatized from the constant boom of fireworks around my house Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m shocked that so many people have access to highly illegal and dangerous fireworks, but hey, […]

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An open letter to Ryan Reynolds

Dear Ryan Reynolds, Thanks a lot. You already started the potential Deadpool franchise when you played him in Wolverine last summer. And we knew there was some kind of plan there when you only received about 15 minutes of screen time. So don’t even try to tell us there wasn’t a future Deadpool plan in place. One […]

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