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Movie Review Time

Time to start my movie catch-ups for 2012, and I have to do them quickly because the new TV year starts two weeks from today when Sons of Anarchy starts its fifth season. Three reviews of movies I caught over vacation both at the theater and on DVD: RUBY SPARKS (playing right now at the […]

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Dark Knight, Prometheus, Dare Invade Sacred Avengers Week

Welcome to Avengers Week! Wait, I’m the only one calling it that? Weird. Anyway, I’ve already had like four straight weeks of Avengers news in every blog, so it’s not like anything is changing, right? Right. You won’t be able to swing a dead cat around the Internet for the next five days without getting some Avengers news. […]

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Going Beyond the Franchises of 2012

This is a preview of what’s coming in Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record. You already know about the big ones — Batman, James Bond, The Avengers, Spider-Man, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games. Yeah, 2012 is chock-full of your favorite heroes and mystical places, but that’s not all there is. The 2012 movie slate […]

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