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Movie Observing

Time to hit some 2012 movie reviews. I say it all the time, but I consider myself more of a movie observer than a movie reviewer. Just a bit too unorthodox and untrained to actually say “reviewer.” Anyway … THE LONLIEST PLANET: It sounds a poop-ton better than the original working title, “A Couple’s Worst […]

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Belushi, Britney, J-Lo and Kayne. That Should Be Enough for One Day.

Because I went all Office on everyone Wednesday, let’s hit the links and play catch-up: As if Artie Lange wasn’t depressed enough about his drug habit and how it forced him to leave The Howard Stern Show, now comes the news that the part he’s been dying to play his entire career — his hero, […]

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Four Summers, Four Right Picks

Sorry I was gone for so long, though I’m sure no one shed a tear. That leaves plenty to catch up on: I just had a great vacation, one of my best, most relaxing ever. Yet one of the happiest, most satisfying moments of the vacation came Sunday when I found out the official PopRox box office bomb […]

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