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Wait, is American Idol Leaving Too?

I can’t believe how much news I let pile up. But let’s try to blow through it, there might not be a ton of commentary for every item. One note: There is a very spoiler-heavy review of the crazy Vampire Diaries season finale at the bottom of this, so if you haven’t seen it yet […]

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Clash of the 3-D theaters

A little giddy thinking about Opening Day today, so if I’m a little scatter-brained, please forgive. Score another win for 3-D — even if we here in Monroe County have to drive a half-hour or 45 minutes to see any movies in the new format. Clash of the Titans, which was converted to 3-D after […]

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put on your wife-beater and enter the trailer park

The only good part about January in the movie world is that it’s our first chance to start delving into the world of summer movie trailers which have started releasing over the last couple weeks. The Super Bowl is just two weeks away when we’ll get a couple more, but until then, here are some […]

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