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Oscar Changes, Local Reality Stars, Avengers and the Fate of Some Famous TV Shows

That’s right, it’s all here today. But before we get into it,┬ádon’t forget about the KISS ticket contest! We’re taking 100-word essays on why you’re the biggest KISS fan until June 22, a week from today. Couple local notes: Be sure to check out a Pocono Mountain grad on TV tonight on the premiere of […]

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Post-Oscar Thoughts and Kevin Smith the Trailblazer

Sorry it’s been so long without some straight links, so here we go: I’m not buying, at all, that King’s Speech is the new favorite for the best picture Oscar simply because it got the most nominations. It’s far inferior to Social Network and Inception and Social Network has all the momentum even though it […]

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TV’s Second Season Starts Tonight

When we weren’t looking, January became the second coming of September on the TV calendar. Don’t ask how it happened — it just did. It’s like there was some meeting in a secret mountain location known as The Meadows where the Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds and Colonel Sanders all┬ádecided there shouldn’t just […]

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