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Superman, Russell Brand and Mike Tyson

Right to the links: Is anyone else a little surprised at how much press the new Superman movie is getting? Whoever is in charge of this publicity campaign is drawing up the blueprint for how anyone should release this kind of information. The three big cast announcements — Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as […]

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So Who Was That Lady?

As much as I try, I can’t watch everything. Oh, how I try. But luckily, I have my trusty¬†readers to back me up and the good ol’ Internet to prove them right. So special thanks go out to one East Stroudsburg reader (not sure if he wants me throwing out his name, but thanks!) who […]

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Movie theaters take another shot in the chest

We predict a lot of things around here, most of them are pretty scatterbrained thoughts fueled by staying up too late the night before watching the FX rebroadcast of Justified¬†(a perfect segue to announce we’ll be doing a review of some new midseason TV shows tomorrow). So it’s tough to remember if I predicted there […]

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