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Your St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Fun Guide

I’m officially convinced that people will find any excuse to get drunk, and that they feel like they need to. I have no idea why. Maybe as a good justification to get a baby-sitter? “Yeah, can you watch them on Sunday? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, after all. I’m going to get loaded.” I never did. […]

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Your (Out-of-the-) Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

I say it every year, so I’ll say it again this year. When I wake up on Scranton Parade Day, that line from Striking Distance is the first thing that goes through my head. A huge smile beams across my face and I jump out of bed with the knowledge that, yes, it’s Parade Day. […]

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Your St. Paddy’s Day Weekend Fun Guide

I find St. Patrick’s Day fascinating. In Ireland, it’s a holy day. Not in the metaphorical sense like it is here, but in the literal sense. Like, go to church, have dinner with your family, that kind of thing. Here we’ve somehow morphed it into “get stinkin’ drunk like you don’t get drunk for the […]

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Make It Your Best Parade Day

Every year I write this blog post, and every year I start it with one of my favorite movie quotes. It’s Tom Sizemore from Striking Distance making a sarcastic dig at the Pittsburgh policeman’s ball after getting his face kicked in by his cousin’s cousins as fireworks explode in the background: “Best day of the year! Better than […]

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Movie theaters take another shot in the chest

We predict a lot of things around here, most of them are pretty scatterbrained thoughts fueled by staying up too late the night before watching the FX rebroadcast of Justified (a perfect segue to announce we’ll be doing a review of some new midseason TV shows tomorrow). So it’s tough to remember if I predicted there […]

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Parade Day — the best day of the year

“Best day of the year … better than Christmas!” That’s Tom Sizemore as he’s getting the crapped kicked out of him by the Hardy clan in Striking Distance. It’s also me when I wake up every year on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day — known throughout the region as Parade Day in Scranton. Notice the […]

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