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Random Links to Get You Through Your Day (If You’re Not at the Die Hard Marathon)

Nope, I’m not at the Die Hard marathon over at Cinemark today. Thanks so much for bringing it up! Links: Is anyone else starting to get the feeling the Justice League movie is freaking doomed? The starts and stops have been going on since the 80s, then the writers strike, and now? When it should […]

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The Inevitability of John Carter’s Demise

Happy Monday! Programming note that I’ll be assembling a list of all the bar specials Saturday (for St. Patrick’s Day) and Sunday (for Stroudsburg’s version of Parade Day) so if you have something you want to get in, make sure you get it to me through a Facebook invite or by emailing it to me. […]

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Friday Night Lights in TV History

I’ve watched literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of TV series in my life. I’ve blown off most of them after a few viewings (most recent example: the horrific Perfect Couples). Followed a couple hundred, tuned in on a weekly basis for about a hundred and stringently followed about 50.  Then there are those final 20 or […]

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