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Handy Dandy Summer 2012 Box Office Review Guide

(As is the Thursday policy, this is an extended preview of the Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record. The paper usually can’t hold what I wanna get out, and I’m allowed to be a little more free here. Just a little.) Going into a summer movie season, you always think you know what’s going […]

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Some Good Box Office News For Once

Let’s hit it, post-vacation style: Finally! Some good box office news to talk about from two of the best-marketed movies of the summer so far: Good box office results come from a good movie with a built-in following. Seth MacFarlane has one of the most loyal followings in Hollywood. There’s just no other way to […]

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Predicting Some More Summer Bombs

 It used to be pretty easy to pick out a movie that bombs. You’d look at the box office figures over an opening weekend and say, Bomb. That’s not how it goes anymore. There is so much useless, red-herring rhetoric and spin that a Hollywood executive could convince you seven different ways that Howard the […]

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