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The Era of the Coreys

(This is an extended preview of the PopRox column that will appear in Sunday’s Pocono Record.) To grow up in the 80s, perhaps more than any other era, was to fall under the spell of some very questionable phenomena. Wearing clothes with soda brand names on them. Mr. T. Hair bands. But perhaps no other […]

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The Goonies ‘R’ Still Good Enough

Last blog for the next week. I’m on vacation next week, I’ll be back July 2 — just in time to start a contest to win two tickets to the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises at the Pocono Community Theater on July 19. Speaking of the Pocono Community Theater, the revival series hits a […]

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Awards Are for Suckers

Best “Duh” headline of the week: “At MTV award shows, party matters more than prizes.” Thanks, professor! We all bag on Hallmark for making up holidays just to sell some cards. And we should. But what about networks that make up awards shows? MTV was on the cutting edge of this technology back in the […]

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