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Walking Dead Season Finale Recap: Just Let Us Watch

Let’s start by talking about what Walking Dead is not. It is not an action show. It is not a show about zombies. Or zombie killing. Or human killing. Or any killing of any kind, for that matter. It is not about gross, gratuitous scenes of flesh being torn from people’s bones. Here’s what The […]

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Contest time!

Haven’t done a contest in a while, so let’s bust one out with a pretty quick turnaround. I grew up on late 80s-early 90s rap. I ate it all up because I thought it was the only form of music doing anything different. Yo! MTV Raps was required daily viewing for me, and that’s where […]

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Pre-November Sweeps Awards

(This is an extended preview of Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record. As per the usual, it doesn’t contain any commentary on HBO or Showtime shows, because I don’t get paid enough to subscribe to pay-TV. If you’re looking for thoughts on Homeland, you probably know where to find them by now.) This is […]

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What to Watch for in Fall TV: Veteran Edition

(This is an extended preview of the PopRox column appearing in Sunday’s Pocono Record. It’s bigger. It’s longer. It’s cooler. You’re welcome.) Some people think September means the start of school, others think football. I think TV. This month starts another fall season of TV that (hopefully) will keep us interested all the way through […]

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Give ‘Em Some Emmy Love

Back with links tomorrow, but this is your weekly, extended look at the PopRox Sunday column: The Emmys had a hard job narrowing down the nominees back in the 80s when there were only three networks and scant original programming on any of the 10 or so other channels. Now? There are two new over-the-air networks, […]

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Tron, Caprica, Captain America, Zombies and More …

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone! I think I’m starting to come around on Tron Legacy. Even though I didn’t like the first one that much when I saw it when I was like 8, it’s impossible to say the trailers for the new one don’t look incredibly cool. While I don’t necessarily like […]

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