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Still Lingering Questions on A Christmas Story

(This is a preview of the PopRox column that will appear in Sunday’s Pocono Record.) When it comes to Christmas movies, nothing touches A Christmas Story. Not even Die Hard. But it’s not perfect, and I still have some questions after about a thousand viewings: Why is Ralphie so scared when Miss Shields is passive […]

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Handy Dandy Summer 2012 Box Office Review Guide

(As is the Thursday policy, this is an extended preview of the Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record. The paper usually can’t hold what I wanna get out, and I’m allowed to be a little more free here. Just a little.) Going into a summer movie season, you always think you know what’s going […]

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Comic Book Movie News, TV Themes and the Daily Dose of a Famous Hot Lady in a Bikini

Links today: I’m sure no one remembers this other than me, but last year a reader emailed me to let me know a local woman was on Letterman the night before and Dave joked with her for the entire show. I put out a call for someone, anyone, to let me know who this was so that […]

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