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Bane is Crazier Than the Joker! Promise! Really, We Mean It!

Some random thoughts on the latest (and maybe last) Dark Knight Rises trailer … • It’s pretty freakin’ good. It sticks to the tone of the first two movies while not completely abandoning the action, something Dark Knight did remarkably well. We’re getting a good look at how Catwoman is going to play into the story, […]

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If the DVD Wars Haven’t Begun Already, They Have Now

Way too light on local links this week. What, is everyone still hungover? In the absence of that, let’s hit some links: Hollywood studios don’t like being taken advantage of. So when they built a business model in the early 90s that depended on DVD sales, they just didn’t expect things like Netflix, Redbox or OnDemand […]

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Black Friday Updates All Morning Friday!

Three cool days coming up here. Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, designed to be the most laid-back holiday of them all and Friday is Black Friday, which has become an unofficial holiday around here because of all the shopping and all the prior arrangements that need to be […]

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