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Uh Oh … the Last Links Blog Post?

I’ve put this off as long as I could, but just so everyone knows, this is my last week at the Pocono Record. I’ve been asked to write a farewell column as my final Sunday PopRox column in the paper, so that’s where I’ll save all the mushy stuff for. I’ll post it here tomorrow, […]

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Calling Actors Out for Saying Egotistical Things

(This is a preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s paper. It looks different because it is. I’m not allowed to be as free-wheeling in the paper. You don’t have to study the two versions to see where it’s different, but feel free to and come back every Thursday to see the REAL version, the […]

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Let’s All Assess the Future Prospects of Will Smith

Post Memorial Day, get-back-to-work links. So if they’re a little off … whatever. Let’s all bury the potential profitability of the summer movie season because two troubled productions — Battleship and MIB3 — performed poorly over the last two weeks. Oh, really? A movie that was undergoing constant script revisions, took a planned or unplanned month-long hiatus […]

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Avengers, Dumb and Dumber 2, Chevy Chase and Other Stuff You’ll Hear About 50 Zillion Times Today

Lots to catch up on: There’s about a zero percent chance Stroudsburg could be the choice for an advanced screening of Avengers in two weeks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try, right? There is nothing really on the Avengers Facebook page for this contest. So maybe it’s kind of a secret thing. The story says […]

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Modern Family Swearing, LL Rising, Cougar Town Returning and More

Normally, I’d take any opportunity to stick it to the Hollywood studio machine. So under normal circumstances, this Internet blackout thing would be right up my alley. But a couple of things intervened: 1. Because of my schedule (took a four-day weekend for my nephew’s first birthday in Virginia Beach, I’m not apologizing for that), I haven’t put […]

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Catch-Up Friday and the best movie montages

Right to the links, in somewhat lightning round fashion so you have time to have fun with the YouTube clips at the bottom. I know I had fun finding them: Man, it’s been, like, what, a couple months since George Lucas announced his latest way to scam us out of money? We’re due for another one […]

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Six sequels are never enough — here’s four more, Prince

A couple of weeks ago when Will Smith started grabbing every sequel of every character he’s ever played, ’round these parts we were wondering what the heck was going on. Home foreclosure? College tuition worries? Gambling debts? A complete and total lack of respect or appreciation for the career he’s built? And that was before the latest news on […]

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