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RIP, Michael Clarke Duncan

Meant to start the fall TV preview barrage, but I’ll start it tomorrow, promise. Links: When Michael Clarke Duncan died last night, I couldn’t have been the only one thinking that it was because his triglycerides were high and his bad cholesterol was shockingly high, and that he had to cut out all those pork rinds. […]

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All TV, All the Time

I’ve been making allusions on Facebook and Twitter about how I just got a bunch of summer concert tickets to give away, and yeah, we got ’em. I’m not saying what or where the shows are for yet — but they’re pretty good shows within a hour’s drive. And they’re not Mountain Laurel tickets. Not […]

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Wonder Why Wonder Woman Costume Was Bad

This is it. This may be the snowstorm that pushes me over the edge. Seriously. I’m just not sure how much more I can take. Snow on the first day of spring is one thing. Snow on Phillies’ opening day is another. Maybe I can distract you from the unholy crap falling from the sky […]

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Super 8 Gets a Trailer. A Real Trailer.

Wednesday morning links: See, was this so hard? JJ Abrams finally has released a full-length, full-disclosure kind of trailer for the summer event movie Super 8. That’s about eight months since the original WTF teaser trailer turned people against the movie and started the Internet buzzing about it. OK, turned me against the movie. It’s already got […]

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Cancellation bombs Will Be Dropped — Soon

Monday links on a slow news day: OK, so I didn’t explicitly say it, but when I predicted we’d get five movies over the weekend to debut over $20 million, I meant the entire holiday weekend, which includes today. So when the top five movies through Sunday ranged between $21.8 million and $17 million, they’ll […]

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