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Finding your home sweet home..

Hello everyone! My name is Monique Pollock and I am a Keller Williams Realtor living in Pennsylvania. The areas that I cover are The Pocono Mountains and The Lehigh Valley. I love selling real estate and the connections that I make with people. I’m a mom of 7 with a teen, a tween, a toddler and 4 kids in between, so I feel that I can really relate to a family and understand what they need in their new home. My family and I have lived in the hustle and bustle of the city, to then a quiet development in the mountains, to now a peaceful neighborhood in the suburbs. I understand how different circumstances and situations can be the reason a family has to relocate to a new home in a new area and I’m here to help you be excited about your next chapter in your life. Change can be a great thing!

When I’m out showing homes, I know that I’m helping a family with one of the biggest purchases that they will ever make, and that is something that I don’t take lightly. I listen to what is important to my clients, be it school districts, short driving distance to work, close proximity to shopping, whatever is important to them, and I help them to find the right home for the right price, in a home they will love and be comfortable in for years to come. I can also help the investor who is looking for a property to rent. Whatever your needs, you will have all of my attention and loyalty.

When listing a home, I’m committed to my client for the entire process. I’ll help them find the right sales price, offer suggestions that will make their property more enticing to buyers, help stage the home, and I’m available to answer questions anytime of day. I’m present to calm the nerves of the homeowner who is downsizing from the home they’ve raised their children in, or help a young couple find the perfect home to raise a family in. to My clients satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me and I will do all I can to make the process of selling their home as smooth as can be. I’m available to answer questions anytime and am there for my clients every step of the way!
Follow my Blog and you’ll find news about our local housing market, tips on staging a home to sell, please ask any questions that you have and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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We Love You Ms. Hannigan!

Edit Published January 18, 2014 by keeping it all together with 7 kids

I don’t know about you, but my kids have lot’s of chores! We have a super hectic schedule with kids spread out all over daily. If I tried to do it all myself, it would never get done. Since a dirty, unorganized house makes me depressed, They must help… So, here’s their daily list of chores.

1st Big Girl: makes the bagels/waffles for kids breakfast, unloads and loads dishwasher, sweeps all floors when they need it (kitchen multiple times a day).

2nd Big Girl: Pours cereal or oatmeal for kids breakfast, all aspects of the laundry. Brings, up, down, moves over and separates into a pile for each person to put away. Takes the kitchen bags out to the outside can, and makes my bed.

3rd Big Girl: Washes floors that need it (kitchen daily), wipes kitchen and dining room tables and chairs when needed (kitchen daily), counters, wipes down bathroom sinks when needed (after they all brush their hair usually), vacuums the playroom and sometimes the other rooms.

Middle son: Gets waters for kids at mealtimes, empties bathroom garbage cans

All six kids make their own beds everyday and are responsible for cleaning their room and putting their pile of clothes that 2nd Big girl has separated for them. They all help in making lunch for themselves, each other, and also packing a lunchbox for whoever needs one. They also will make dinner for themselves if it’s an afternoon that I’ve run out of time and we’re having nuggets, frozen pizza, mac & cheese etc.They all also will change the baby’s diaper, help getting the little kids dressed and hair done, they also all help getting the little kids to the car, shoes and coats on, dance bags etc. I must be forgetting something. If they overly complain, refuse to do their chores, continuously “forget”…. they then have something taken away until a few days pass that their chores are done without a reminder or complaint. Up until last summer we had a cleaning person that would come in and help me out, but since then, we’ve added dance and tumbling classes. The expense of that and the gas to get there had to come from somewhere so…bye bye cleaning service, HELLO little clean team!

I was an only child and my mother didn’t have me do anything. I don’t even remember making my own bed. My mom was a working, single mother. She felt that it was just easier to do it herself. By the time I was picked up from after school care, after my mother had worked all day, we came home and she went right into the kitchen. My mother didn’t really believe in fast foods or convenience meals, so she cooked every night. When I moved out, I had to call her and get step by step instructions on how to cook basic meals like chicken cutlets, eggs. My kids won’t have to call me. The big girls already know how to make full meals and bake desserts to perfection. I have more time then she did though. I’m thankful for that!  They’re a lot more self sufficient and responsible then I ever was and that’s a great thing!

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Many have had difficulties the last few years. People have lost their homes, jobs. Families are going or have gone without food, shelter. So much insecurity and worry in recent times. My family and I were greatly affected by the recession. We lost our business, almost lost our home, we almost lost us! Pressure and stress is a terrible thing. I was in a playgroup with a woman who’s husband worked on an army base. She told me, knowing how my life was being affected, that she loved the recession. She loved all the “deals” that she was getting, I’m guessing she meant from retail stores. She felt that because her husband had a military job, he was safe. I heard recently that his job was in jeopardy. Something about benefits and his pay being cut, I hope they’re okay. I guess no one is safe. As for my family, we are slowly recovering from our financial losses. I know that not everyone is as lucky as we are. I was thinking about this the other afternoon as I was sitting in an unfamiliar group with some women. I wasn’t a part of the conversation, but I was listening. They were describing their homes to one another. Who has granite, marble floors, jacuzzi tubs. What kind of car they drive, their spouse drives. Where they live, in what township. The square footage of their homes. On and on and on. I began wondering why was all of this important to them. Was it even all true? and if so, who cares! Were they really impressing one another with their material things? How about what really matters? Were they good people? Were they the type that would drop some change into the cup of a person in need, or walk by in designer shoes mumbling that they should “get a job” and stop “abusing the system”. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone should stand on their own two feet and make their own way in life, but sometimes people need a helping hand. They say that everyone is fighting some sort of battle. It’s just not always obvious what that battle is. I remember a bill collector that called once demanding payment, when I explained why I couldn’t give him the amount that he was asking for, that I could give him less because I had to buy food for my children, he called me a loser..Really? Wondering what his battle was. Going through all of that has changed me. It’s made me want to be able to help anyone who needs it, not catch up on lavish home improvements. My husband has recently helped out at the food pantry’s distribution center, I’ve counseled many on how to go about getting a loan modification from your mortgage company, what services to utilize if you find yourself down and out temporarily. I’ve even driven people to the county services office because they were to embarrassed to go on their own. We need to stop trying to “keep up with the Jones’” The Jones’ are bankrupt and have been foreclosed on!

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My 11 year old “Big girl” asked me a question yesterday that I honestly had a hard time answering..She asked me why the girls that’s she’s “friends” with, kids that she’s with everyday, turn on her. Why can one day be, that she’s greeted by a gal pal with a hello and a smile, and the next day, ignored by the same. Why is it that one day, she can be laughing and having fun with a group of girls, and the next day be given the cold shoulder and made to feel as if she doesn’t belong with them. I know that this is small potatoes compared to the stories of bullying that I read about. Stories where families have had to completely relocate to escape it. But, nonetheless, it pains me to feel as if my beautiful, kind, warm hearted daughter is struggling socially. I tried to explain that this is just a stage that tweens and teens seem to go through. It won’t be this way forever. I told her that I really don’t understand why it is this way. Why leaving someone out of the group would make anyone in that group feel good. I also reminded her that a fair weather friend is not someone to confide in. That she needs to maybe share her secrets with only her siblings, because, at the end of the day, maybe blood is thicker then water. They may bicker, but would never betray her. I reminded her that a good friend is hard to find. A true friend will stand with you at all times, be there for her no matter what. I also told her that, since she has experienced the feelings of not quite fitting in, not being sure of where she stands with her “friends”, that she should never participate in this behavior. If she should ever be in a group where someone else was being made to feel unwelcome, speak up on their behalf! If she sees someone sitting by themselves, go on and sit next to them, make them feel welcome. Making another uncomfortable should never make her feel good. Also, to understand how special a good friend is and to have a good friend, means being a good friend.

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Kindness matters

I once read that many people who attempted suicide, might not have, if they felt as if they were visible to others. If someone would have even simply smiled at them that day or greeted them, wishing them well,  it might have prevented their need to hurt themselves. Kindness matters. Being the best person you can be, counts. Everyone is going through something, everyone has their struggles. Young, old, rich, poor people are just that, people. So, be a good person. Hold the door open for someone, say “bless you” when someone sneezes. Be a good friend and lend a nonjudgmental ear when needed. be a good parent and teach your children to be honest and caring. These things don’t cost a penny but are worth their weight in gold.

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People are always asking how do I do it? How do I handle a 13, 11, 9, 5, and 4 year old daughter and a 7 year old and 15 month old son? So I decided to start a Facebook page titled, “Keeping it all together with 7 kids”, that describes our daily adventures and a blog. Managing multiple children isn’t easy, especially when they’re involved in activities. Four of my daughters dance with Fusia, a pre-professional dance company in the Stroudsburg area. The same four, are part of X-Cel’s performance team. This gym is also in Stroudsburg. The three big girls are home cyber schooled, the two middle kids attend a waldorf charter school, another attends a church preschool and the baby is still at home. I’m fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom. We’re just making it financially, but I haven’t had to go back to work, yet…. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and never really talked about having a lot of kids, it just kind of happened!

Whenever I looked for support from other large family pages, websites, blogs etc. I was always disheartened by how perfect their families appeared. Children that never fought, spouses that never argued, a perfect picture of a large group of people holding hands and singing kumbaya. That is not my family reality. Don’t get me wrong, we love one another very much ,but when you have nine personalities combined with teen/ tween mood swings, topped off with typical little kid meltdowns, things can get a little hairy! I will post the good, the bad and the ugly! see you soon!

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