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Edit Published January 18, 2014 by keeping it all together with 7 kids

I don’t know about you, but my kids have lot’s of chores! We have a super hectic schedule with kids spread out all over daily. If I tried to do it all myself, it would never get done. Since a dirty, unorganized house makes me depressed, They must help… So, here’s their daily list of chores.

1st Big Girl: makes the bagels/waffles for kids breakfast, unloads and loads dishwasher, sweeps all floors when they need it (kitchen multiple times a day).

2nd Big Girl: Pours cereal or oatmeal for kids breakfast, all aspects of the laundry. Brings, up, down, moves over and separates into a pile for each person to put away. Takes the kitchen bags out to the outside can, and makes my bed.

3rd Big Girl: Washes floors that need it (kitchen daily), wipes kitchen and dining room tables and chairs when needed (kitchen daily), counters, wipes down bathroom sinks when needed (after they all brush their hair usually), vacuums the playroom and sometimes the other rooms.

Middle son: Gets waters for kids at mealtimes, empties bathroom garbage cans

All six kids make their own beds everyday and are responsible for cleaning their room and putting their pile of clothes that 2nd Big girl has separated for them. They all help in making lunch for themselves, each other, and also packing a lunchbox for whoever needs one. They also will make dinner for themselves if it’s an afternoon that I’ve run out of time and we’re having nuggets, frozen pizza, mac & cheese etc.They all also will change the baby’s diaper, help getting the little kids dressed and hair done, they also all help getting the little kids to the car, shoes and coats on, dance bags etc. I must be forgetting something. If they overly complain, refuse to do their chores, continuously “forget”…. they then have something taken away until a few days pass that their chores are done without a reminder or complaint. Up until last summer we had a cleaning person that would come in and help me out, but since then, we’ve added dance and tumbling classes. The expense of that and the gas to get there had to come from somewhere so…bye bye cleaning service, HELLO little clean team!

I was an only child and my mother didn’t have me do anything. I don’t even remember making my own bed. My mom was a working, single mother. She felt that it was just easier to do it herself. By the time I was picked up from after school care, after my mother had worked all day, we came home and she went right into the kitchen. My mother didn’t really believe in fast foods or convenience meals, so she cooked every night. When I moved out, I had to call her and get step by step instructions on how to cook basic meals like chicken cutlets, eggs. My kids won’t have to call me. The big girls already know how to make full meals and bake desserts to perfection. I have more time then she did though. I’m thankful for that!  They’re a lot more self sufficient and responsible then I ever was and that’s a great thing!

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