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Phillies need to be smart when it’s time to sell

Here’s my column that ran in Saturday’s paper: I don’t need to tell you the Phillies should be sellers as trade season approaches. That’s a foregone conclusion by now. Despite a four-game sweep of NL Central leader Milwaukee that got them to 10 games under .500, the Phillies aren’t a good team. Part of it [...]

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Ruben Amaro Jr. is destroying the Phillies

Pat Gillick must be shaking his head and thinking: how can Ruben Amaro Jr. be this dumb? What was Jeff Daniels’ line to Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber after Carrey sold their dog-mobile for a scooter? “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber you go and do something like this … [...]

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Amaro does it again

This is the column I wrote for Thursday’s Pocono Record. Enjoy … Ruben Amaro Jr. can’t get out of his own way. Just when you think the Phillies are ready to turn the corner into the 21st century — they hired Scott Freedman last week to add advanced metrics into player evaluations — they go [...]

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Phillies sign Cuban pitcher

After years of ignoring the international market, the Phillies made a big splash when the signed Cuban right-handed pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to a deal worth up to $60 million Friday. There are a lot of varying reports about Gonzalez, with some teams seeing him with the potential of a No. 2 starting pitcher while others see [...]

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Phillies not down yet

Here is the column I wrote for Friday’s paper: Contrary to what has been said the Phillies’ season is not over. Sure, Cole Hamels has been shelled, Roy Halladay is a shell of his former self, the team blew two four-run leads at home, the bullpen allowed 12 of their first 13 inherited runners to [...]

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Hard to believe Harry, Part 2

It’s been more than two months since my last post and my how things have changed. Back then, the Phillies were dead in the water. They were playing lifeless, sloppy and excruciating-to-watch baseball. They were making errors, not running out groundballs and pop ups and giving away games left and right. Seeing Charlie Manuel summon [...]

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Hard to believe, Harry

If you’ve been a Phillies fan longer than the team’s recent five-year postseason run, you’ll understand the title of this post. If not, those were often the words of Hall of Fame player and fantastic color analyst Richie Ashburn to his good friend and fellow announcer Harry Kalas time and time again as the two [...]

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Will Utley’s return help?

It appears that Chase Utley will return to the Phillies for Wednesday’s game against the Pirates after missing the first 76 games of the season with creaky knees. His presence will certainly help in the clubhouse as well on the field (where the Phillies can finally stop playing Michael Martinez, who is capable defensively but [...]

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Where now?

It’s hard to believe baseball’s second half is just a day away. And it’s even harder to believe that the Phillies are where they are. With an inconsistent offense (and that’s putting it kindly) and a injury-ravaged bullpen, the Phillies have the best record in baseball and that’s nothing short of miraculous. Having three of [...]

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Blog? Who me? That’s right me!

So it’s been more than two months since my last post. Yikes. Other media colleagues of mine blog daily or at least several times a week. I can’t promise that (and even if I did would you believe me anyway?), but I will do my best to keep up with blogging more, both here and [...]

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