Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Its’ autumn in the Northeast. Breathtaking fall foliage, neighborhoods readying for Halloween, hay rides and pumpkin patches!

When you stop by the farmers market pick up a pumpkin.  Here’s why:

Pumpkin puree  contains fiber, iron, vitamin E and A. Stir it into your soups and sauces.  Add pumpkin puree to your oatmeal for extra nutrition!


Make sure to eat the seeds as well. Raw seeds!  They are packed with nutrients such as

copper, zinc, magnesium, omega 3’s and protein.  The high amount of zinc can aid in prostate health.


Pumpkin can reduce inflammation which can lead to cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Type 2 diabetes.





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Meditate and Rejuvenate

Meditate and Rejuvenate

Just a few minutes, a few deep breathes and you will be feeling refreshed!

Try my technique:

• Find a quiet place where you can completely relax. Allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable position. Tell yourself you will awaken refreshed after 10minutes. (5 minutes will work!)
• Begin by focusing your eyes upward above your line of sight. Take in a long, slow, deep breath. As you slowly exhale think “relax, relax within”. Another deep breath in and on the exhale repeat to yourself “relax, relax within”. Repeat approximately six more times. Your eyes should start to become fatigued. Close them.
• You may repeat the phrase quietly to yourself “ I close my eyes and I revive”
• Imagine relaxation beginning in your toes. You may imagine it in the form of a color, such as a soothing aqua blue liquid. Allow that relaxation to spread upwards into your feet and ankles. Allow that feeling of relaxing to spread upward into your shins and calves, knees and hollow of your knees, your thighs and back of your thighs. Allow that relaxation, that soothing liquid to flow up into your abdomen, your chest, heart and lungs. Continue this process throughout your entire body.
• Next, imagine yourself in a special place of relaxation. We’ll call it “your place.” It might be lying on a beach on a warm summer day, or relaxing in the country by a peaceful river or stream. You might prefer being in your backyard or garden or even in your home.
• Count yourself up with 1-10 giving suggestions for well being, energy, happiness.



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Cardio Anywhere.. A workout without machines!

Cardio Anywhere..  A workout without machines!





Often I hear “It’s so difficult to get to the gym every day.  I just don’t have the time.”

Here is a workout to do almost anywhere at almost any time!



Repeat sequence 3-6 times depending upon your ability. Be sure to use proper form for safety.


Warm up with a 3 minute high knee march

10 Jump Squats (or squats)

10 Pushups

20 Jumping jacks

10 Mountain Climbers

Run in place 1 minute

Rest 30 seconds

Do not begin an exercise program without consulting your physician.

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pushup man

pushupp woman





3 Reasons to Do Pushups
1-You do not need equipment! You can do pushups almost anywhere. If you are just beginning you can do them on your knees or even standing upright pushing against a wall.
2-Pushups work not only your core, they help strengthen your shoulders, parts of your legs, back and chest.
3-Pushups build confidence. The more you do, the stronger you become. As you get stronger, your muscles become toned and chiseled. As you become more toned and chiseled, you gain self-confidence.

So get started today!!!

Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

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Top 3 Antioxidant Rich Veggies

Top 3 Antioxidant Rich Veggies

Experts certainly agree most Americans do not eat enough nutrient rich veggies.

But what are the most healthful vegetables to consume?

Well according recent studies, the 3 B’s are the winners! Yep.. Beets, broccoli and bell peppers.

Studies revealed these three foods were particularly high in phenols which are disease fighting plant compounds.

Potassium rich beets can help to lower blood pressure.

Broccoli and bell peppers are filled with vitamin C the disease fighting, immune boosting antioxidant.  These power packed foods can help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

So head down to the local farmer’s market and add more nutrient rich veggies to your diet today!

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Today’s Wellness Tip: Add more green veggies to your meals!


Today’s Tip: Add more green veggies to your meals!


Add more green veggies to your meals!

Here’s why:green-vegetables-1ff5a7
Green vegetables are one of the most health-promoting food groups. They contain fiber, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals.
By adding greens to your diet you can manage healthy weight loss, increase energy and boost your immune system.
Research suggests an overall healthy diet filled with green vegetables is key to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer.

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Corporate Wellness

Health care costs are a major expense for your company so it is crucial to keep your employees healthy.  Implementing a  Corporate Wellness Program can be the tool you need to achieve that goal. Many programs can benefit the employee as well as the employer.

The major benefits of implementing a wellness program are, it will increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, boost morale, recruitment success, lower turnover, and greatly reduce medical costs.

Employees will benefit by improved health, weight reduction, stop smoking, increased stamina, lower levels of stress, increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem.

Corporate wellness includes exercise programs, nutritional advice with clean eating education and hypnotherapy. The increase in productivity is actually a larger benefit than the reduced insurance costs.

According to an article in Harvard Business magazine, Johnson & Johnson estimated that wellness programs have saved the company $250 million on health care costs over the past decade. With tax incentives and grants available under recent federal health care legislation, U.S. companies can use wellness programs to chip away at their enormous health care costs.

Who Benefits??

Both small offices and large corporations can benefit from a variety of programs.

Exercise programs and nutritional guidance can improve health, lower risk of diabetes, lower body fat,increase cardiovascular capability and improve over-all well being. Alternative methods, such as Hypnotherapy can aid in weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, increase sales and personal development and improving sleep patterns.  Since corporate wellness programs can lead to healthier employees, wellness programs can lower the company cost for their employees’ health care. In addition, companies with a wellness program experience reduced disability costs and health care premiums, and employees tend to file fewer health insurance claims.

Better Productivity, Reduced Absenteeism

A happy employee is a productive employee! Exercise promotes improved concentration, increased energy, boosts serotonin levels, reduces stress, reduces negativity and improves sleep. A win win for everyone!


For information on Corporate Wellness for your company and for your free assessment contact me at (570) 688-6055

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Can Mushrooms Boost Your Immune System?

Can Mushrooms Boost Your Immune System?

Free Mushroom In Wild Royalty Free Stock Photos - 9965598


Shiitake mushroom is an edible fungus which may aid in building the immune system. Also know as: Japanese mushrooms, golden oak, oakwood and Black Forest mushrooms, they are native to Asia .


Medicinal use of shiitake mushrooms has been around for centuries in China, dated back to 100A.D. Today, in China it is used to activate chi or energy. Shiitake mushrooms are used to ward off colds and the flu. A study of Michigan, Ann Arbor, found that shiitake could produce a significant level of protection against influenza A. Extracts and dried mushrooms are used in herbal remedies. The mushroom also contains the compound eritadenine, which is thought to lower cholesterol by blocking the way it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

For more than 50 years the United States has been researching the anticancer properties of shiitake mushrooms. In Asia it is recommended to aid in warding off bronchial inflammation and cancerous growths. According to the American Cancer Society, several potential cancer-fighting substances have been found in shiitake mushrooms, and purified forms of these compounds are being studied as treatment for stomach and colorectal cancer. It is not known whether any of these results will apply to the mushrooms bought in supermarkets or the extracts that are sold as supplements.


Maitake mushroom is also know as maitake D-fraction and beta-glucan. Maitake D-fraction is an extract of this large mushroom which is marketed as a dietary supplement in the U.S. and Japan. There are claims the maitake mushroom boosts the immune system and can limit and may reverse tumor growth. However there is no convincing data available.

There has been some research on the maitake mushroom and its D-fraction extract in Japan in the mid-1980s. Much has been written on it’s magic healing properties.

According to the American Cancer Society , the maitake mushroom itself has been used as food for centuries and is generally presumed to be safe. So far, studies have not shown any adverse effects from maitake D-fraction or beta glucan, but human studies of their effectiveness in treating cancer have not yet been completed.

The study is still out on the benefits of mushrooms although the Asian population have been using them to heal for centuries.





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Hypnosis to Aid Cancer Patients

Medical chart stock photoHypnosis can help the cancer patient address the symptoms that they are experiencing from their particular type of cancer.  Many times the actual treatment can produce negative symptoms that hypnosis can eliminate or decrease.  It can be used to create and control physical relief and well being throughout and after treatment.


Hypnosis can also help by creating positive expectations of the future.  It can reduce the effects of fear and help the patient attain a state of mental calmness.


Hypnosis can also help improve the self-healing abilities of the patient.  It can help the patient establish a greater communication exchange between their mind and their body.  Hypnosis is known to reduce stress and tension and thereby increase the effectiveness of treatment and healing.

Listed below is a partial list of areas where hypnosis can help:



The Family


Pain Control

Pre and Post Surgery




Sleep Patterns

Stages of Cancer


Sexual Responses

Weight Loss Memory


I have  worked with many cancer patients to help them with taking control, relieving stress and discomfort in order to receive the most benefit from their treatment.  If I can help you or your family in any way, do not hesitate to call on me.



Jacqueline LeClaire, CHt.

(570) 688-6055

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Raw shellfish?

Raw shellfish?

Shellfish Soup Royalty Free Stock Images - 9642829


Oysters? Clams? What are the dangers? What are the benefits of eating them?

Clams and oysters harvested from approved waters, handled and processed in sanitary conditions, and properly refrigerated are safe to consume raw. Harvesting waters are monitored and if excessive levels of contaminants are found, commercial harvesting of shellfish is prohibited. You can become ill by eating raw or undercooked oysters or clams. If the oysters or clams are cooked thoroughly the Vibrio vulnificus (mostly found in warmer waters) bacteria are destroyed and there is no risk of infection.

However, besides the low risk health concerns of consuming raw shellfish or oysters, there are many health benefits to the meal. Oysters are considered a good source of heart healthy, omega-3 fatty acids which have significant anti-inflammatory properties, and may help prevent heart disease, cancer and arthritis.


Finally, raw oysters contain several minerals, and have particularly high amounts of zinc, iron, and antioxidants. Zinc is an essential mineral for a healthy immune system, and may provide antioxidant protection, iron provides oxygen for the blood, and antioxidants are free radical scavengers that may help minimize the cellular damage caused by these unstable molecules. Plus, they taste amazing!

Selling Shellfish, Fish Market, Bergen, Norway Stock Images - 30971644

For great summer recipes visit my website!

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