Hypnosis to Aid Cancer Patients

Medical chart stock photoHypnosis can help the cancer patient address the symptoms that they are experiencing from their particular type of cancer.  Many times the actual treatment can produce negative symptoms that hypnosis can eliminate or decrease.  It can be used to create and control physical relief and well being throughout and after treatment.


Hypnosis can also help by creating positive expectations of the future.  It can reduce the effects of fear and help the patient attain a state of mental calmness.


Hypnosis can also help improve the self-healing abilities of the patient.  It can help the patient establish a greater communication exchange between their mind and their body.  Hypnosis is known to reduce stress and tension and thereby increase the effectiveness of treatment and healing.

Listed below is a partial list of areas where hypnosis can help:



The Family


Pain Control

Pre and Post Surgery




Sleep Patterns

Stages of Cancer


Sexual Responses

Weight Loss Memory


I have  worked with many cancer patients to help them with taking control, relieving stress and discomfort in order to receive the most benefit from their treatment.  If I can help you or your family in any way, do not hesitate to call on me.



Jacqueline LeClaire, CHt.

(570) 688-6055

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Raw shellfish?

Raw shellfish?

Shellfish Soup Royalty Free Stock Images - 9642829


Oysters? Clams? What are the dangers? What are the benefits of eating them?

Clams and oysters harvested from approved waters, handled and processed in sanitary conditions, and properly refrigerated are safe to consume raw. Harvesting waters are monitored and if excessive levels of contaminants are found, commercial harvesting of shellfish is prohibited. You can become ill by eating raw or undercooked oysters or clams. If the oysters or clams are cooked thoroughly the Vibrio vulnificus (mostly found in warmer waters) bacteria are destroyed and there is no risk of infection.

However, besides the low risk health concerns of consuming raw shellfish or oysters, there are many health benefits to the meal. Oysters are considered a good source of heart healthy, omega-3 fatty acids which have significant anti-inflammatory properties, and may help prevent heart disease, cancer and arthritis.


Finally, raw oysters contain several minerals, and have particularly high amounts of zinc, iron, and antioxidants. Zinc is an essential mineral for a healthy immune system, and may provide antioxidant protection, iron provides oxygen for the blood, and antioxidants are free radical scavengers that may help minimize the cellular damage caused by these unstable molecules. Plus, they taste amazing!

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For great summer recipes visit my website!

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Are You an Emotional Eater?

Have you ever reached for food for reasons other than hunger and nutriment?  Have you ever opened the refrigerator door looking for a snack out of boredom?  Do you celebrate by going out to dinner? Do you reach for food when you are stressed or anxious? Do you ever crave” comfort food?”

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you are an emotional eater.

Cartoon Kids Baking Cookies/eps Stock Images - 18973804


Think about this:  When  you were a baby and started crying your mother gave you a bottle.  When you were a child and fell down, perhaps your mother gave you a cookie to ease the pain. When you finished the school year , your teacher  threw  a class party with all kinds of tasty treats. When your team won their ball game the coach took the team out for pizza.  When you were promoted at work you were taken out for lunch.  After a bad date you grabbed the container of Haagen Daz.

As you can see, we are programmed from very early on to use food as reward and a pacifier to ease pain.  This programming is rooted deep in our subconscious minds.

stress : Concept image of handsome young businessman, who has a problem with lot of working tasks to solve and he is overloaded  Isolated on grunge background  Stock Photo

Can you reprogram your subconscious mind to remove negative habits?


The answer is “yes!”


The first thing to do is to identify the emotion. We can then work on replacing the negative response, eating, with a positive one.  For example, if you typically reach for food as  a reward, you new response might be to buy yourself a little gift. Another example, if you are a stress eater, meaning you reach for food when you are anxious or under pressure, you might benefit by learning to meditate.

Do you overeat when dining out with friends? Your new response might be to order something healthful on the menu and drink plenty of water throughout the dining out experience. Pay attention more to the conversation.  Enjoy and be grateful for the time you spend with your friends.

If you are a late night snacker perhaps you need to get to bed earlier???!!


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Should I stop eating all carbs to lose weight? M., Little Falls, NJ

Your body needs carbs. Fruits and vegetables are also carbohydrates. Try cutting out the unhealthy carbs/starches such as: sugar and refined flour products. Do eat fruits and leafy greens. Whole grain breads, brown rice and sweet potatoes which are good starches. Also ramp up your workouts to torch more calories.


How much protein should I consume daily? I am a 34 year old male.  T., Clifton, NJ

In general, it is recommended that 10-35% of your daily calories come from protein. According to The Center for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov) suggests the recommended daily allowance for protein for men ages 19-70+ is 56 grams daily. Women ages 19-70+ should be consuming 46 grams daily. So you should be consuming around 56 grams per day.


How much water do you recommend I drink daily? I am a 40 year old male and weigh 175lbs. B., Tamaqua, PA

The Institute of Medicine states a healthy male adult should drink roughly 3 liters about 13 cups of total beverages a day. For women, 2.2 liters about 9 cups of beverages is adequate. This fluid consumption pertains to healthy adults living in temperate climates.


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Seasonal fruits and veggies- why shop at local farmers market?

Seasonal fruits and veggies- why shop at local farmers market?

Thinking of why you should wake up on a Saturday to head down to a crowded farmer’s market? Here are five great reasons about why it’ll be worth the trip!

1. Freshly picked ripe food is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.

2. Shopping at farmers markets supports your local farmers and keeps the money you spend closer to your neighborhood.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

4.It’s a great way to get your kids involved- let them pick out something new to try, then they can help prepare a meal or snack using these helpful tips at the Food and Nutrition Information Center’s Consumer Corner.

5. You can try a new fruit or vegetable! Have you ever tasted gooseberries or rhubarb? Many farmers markets offer lesser known fruits and vegetables, providing a variety that can be both tasty and nutritious. Learn how to select the best quality, how to store, and about the nutritional values of these rarer fruits and vegetables (and some common ones, too) in the Fruit Nutrition Database and Vegetable Nutrition Database.

Looking for a specific fruit or vegetable? There are calendars online to help you find out when certain fruits and vegetables are in season. Then, just head down to your local farmer’s market to get the freshest and most healthy foods!



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What is Mind-Body Fitness?

What is Mind-Body Fitness?


The ultimate goal is to strive to find a lifelong program of good health through mind and body fitness. To maintain a healthy lifestyle your mind needs to play a key role in carrying out the physical aspects of working out. Your mind needs to motivate your body to want to do the workout and enjoy working out.

Some mind-body fitness workouts include Yoga and Pilates. Yoga relaxes the mind and yoga positions develop strength and flexibility physically. Exercise unites your mind and body and reduces stress levels. Maintaining an exercise routine is associated with physical and mental well-being, so sticking with a program will give you the outcome of maintaining your health.


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Self- Hypnosis- You can learn this easy technique!





  • Find a quiet place where you can completely relax.  Loosen any restrictive clothing and allow yourself to sit of lie in a comfortable position.  Tell yourself you will awaken after 10 minutes or 15 if you prefer.
  • Begin by focusing your eyes upward above your line of sight.  Take in a long, slow, deep breath.  As you slowly exhale think “relax, relax within”.  Another deep breath in and on the exhale repeat to yourself “relax, relax within”.  Repeat six to ten times.
  • Your eyes should start to become fatigued.  Close them.
  • Imagine relaxation beginning in your toes. You may imagine it in the form of a color, such as a soothing aqua blue liquid.  Allow that relaxation to spread upwards into your feet and ankles.  Allow that feeling of relaxing to spread upward into your shins and calves, knees and hollow of your knees, your thighs and back of your thighs.  Allow that relaxation, that soothing liquid to flow up into your abdomen, your chest, heart and lungs.  Continue upward  through each area of your body.
  • No is when you will give yourself positive suggestions.  You may use”Each and every day, in every way , I am  getting better and better.” or “I eat the right amount of good healthful food.  I exercise my body healthfully.” or “My urge and desire to smoke becomes less and less until it simply fades away.”  Repeat the suggestion six or more times.
  • Count yourself up with 1-10 giving suggestions for well being, energy, happiness.  If it is your bedtime just drift off to sleep.

For more information on how you can learn self-hypnosis call Results Center (570) 688-6055 or go to my website:


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Can Brain Training Help You in Your Sport?

Improve Athletic Performance with Hypnosis

While hypnosis has mainly had a medical or therapeutic application, its use in sports is not new. For more than fifty years it has been commonly used and is credited for attainment of numerous medals at the Olympic games.  Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton used sports hypnosis to help bring a gold, and many other medals, home to the United States. She would visualize her performance and convince her mind that she could achieve the idea in her head. Her brain trained her body to believe she could achieve a perfect routine. The Russian gymnastic team has been bring hypnotherapists to the Olympic games for years. Any athlete can use this technique to improve their game. Boxer Kevin McBride is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight. The boxer used hypnosis to uncover his full potential.  Sport hypnosis helps athletes channel more of their brain power when they play.  Using mental rehearsal in your athletic performance is a powerful psychological tool that allows you to take what you would most like to do and turn it into what you will most likely do.

For information on Hypnosis click here or call (570) 688-6055  http://www.resultswellnesscenters.com/Hypnosis_Solutions_DPEL.html


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4 Things all Healthy Adults Need to Do


 A recent study showed that individuals who ran more than 50 miles per week had significantly greater increases in HDL cholesterol (good fat) and significantly greater decreases in body fat, triglyceride levels, and the risk of coronary heart disease than individuals who ran less than 10 miles per week. In addition, the long-distance runners had a nearly 50% reduction in high blood pressure and more than a 50% reduction in the use of medications to lower blood pressure and plasma cholesterol levels.  


The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all healthy adults should do the following 4: 

 1. Frequency of training: three to five days per week

2. Intensity of training: 55/65%-90% of maximum heart rate

3. Duration of training: 20-60 minutes of continuous or intermittent aerobic activity

4. Mode of activity: any activity that uses large muscle groups, which can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmical and aerobic in nature (for example, walking-hiking, running-jogging, cycling-bicycling, cross-country skiing, aerobic dance/group exercise, rope skipping, rowing, stair climbing, swimming, skating, and various endurance game activities or some combination thereof).

Visit my website and face book page for workouts and tips!


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5 Reasons to Exercise


1-      Exercise increases dopamine.  Exercise kicks up your endorphins, those feel-good chemicals your body produces naturally.  Sheri Kay wrote in an article on Demand Media titled “Exercise and Its Effects on Seratonin & Dopamine Levels.” She states “According to “Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine,” exercise might prevent Parkinson’s disease, or at least slow its progression. A study published in 2007 in “Neurobiology of Disease” suggests the biological mechanism might be due to changes in the brain’s uptake of dopamine. Exercise might also reduce anxiety. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise might increase your confidence, offer more social interaction and take your mind off worries.”


2-      Exercising just three times per week can help you lose weight. Low to moderate exercising will burn less calories than vigorous activities.  You can torch calories quicker by doing higher intensity training such as sprinting.  If you are just starting out take it slow.  Consistency is the aim for losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

3-      Exercising promotes cardiovascular health. In an article by Jonathan Myers, PhD for the American Heart Association, he writes “Over the past 4 decades, numerous scientific reports have examined the relationships between physical activity, physical fitness, and cardiovascular health. Expert panels, convened by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the American Heart Association (AHA), along with the 1996 US Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health, reinforced scientific evidence linking regular physical activity to various measures of cardiovascular health. The prevailing view in these reports is that more active or fit individuals tend to develop less coronary heart disease (CHD) than their sedentary counterparts. If CHD develops in active or fit individuals, it occurs at a later age and tends to be less severe.”

4-      Exercising can reduce your risk for cancer.  Research has shown that physical activity reduces risk of colon cancer by about 50 percent, and it plays a role in lowering risk of other cancers says the US Department of Health.  The Mayo Clinic Staff writes in an article titled “Cancer Prevention, 7 tips to reduce your risk”, “Maintaining a healthy weight might lower the risk of various types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, colon and kidney. Physical activity counts too.  In addition to helping you control weight, physical activity on its own might lower the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.”

5-      Exercising can increase muscular strength.  Webmd writer, Barbara Russi Sarnataro declares “For a balanced fitness program, strength training is essential. It can slow the muscle loss that comes with age, build the strength of your muscles and connective tissues, increase bone density, cut your risk of injury, and help ease arthritis pain.  Studies from the Center for Disease Control have found that muscle-building exercise can also improve balance, reduce the likelihood of falls, improve blood-sugar control, and improve sleep and mental health.”

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