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Tony Stewart and Coke Commercial, Not Pulled?

My husband and I checked out the summer blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, on Sunday night. (The review is coming.) I was looking forward to the previews but before that there were the usual commercials. One commercial that caught our attention was a Coca-cola commercial that featured Tony Stewart with a bunch of other well-known […]

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Comic-Con 101

I survived my first Comic-Con and am living to tell tales. Here are my observations from my experience.   To get a pass or not to get a pass – After having been too late to the game to purchase my own pass, then miraculously getting one and then only to lose said highly-coveted pass […]

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Top 4 Comic-Con Experiences

I don’t think I need to tell you I had an awesome time at Comic-Con. So much so that I’m looking forward to checking out the NYC one in the fall. It has grown in the past few years, from a dinky location near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden to the Javits Center. Now back to […]

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I Love You, Travis Fimmel, But We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

You know how people say once you meet someone you, you’ll then notice how often you run into them? For me at Comic-Con, this was the case with Travis Fimmel. Travis, who plays Ragnar on The History Channel’s Vikings, is here at Comic-Con to promote their upcoming 3rd season in 2015. As I posted earlier, […]

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The Other Side of Comic-Con

While I am striving to surpass my daily 10,000 steps goal on my Fitbit everyday at Comic-Con, I know I need to pace myself. I am in San Diego after all. So in between Comic-Con sessions, I managed to squeeze in some pool time. Here’s my view from the pool. Life at Comic-Con is tough.

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Witches of East End Comic-Con Party

As my friend is here to promote Witches of East End, I had easy access to their Comic-Con party at the Tipsy Crow on Thursday night. (Fear not, they are hosting a party the next two nights, too. So if you’re a fan, swing by for the free party. Did I mention it’s open bar?) […]

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Have Cape, Will Travel

I’m on my way to earning my cape. Where am I going? To Comic-Con International in San Diego, where all amateur dorks go to get their cape, of course. Comic-Con is the Disneyland for all dork kind. It’s not like Halloween, where you don a costume for a day. No, this is better than that. Comic-Con is four […]

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