Giving is good

Right from the start I decided my column and blog would not be about promoting myself or other wedding vendors in the community – although there is much to brag about, as we have a fantastic wedding community here in the Poconos. We are very lucky to have amazing venues, talented photographers and musicians, florists and officiants.

I simply wanted this to be a place to share ideas and reflect on my experiences as a Celebrant in the Poconos.

But today I am going to promote something – GIVING – the idea of giving to causes or charities as an alternative gift. Whether for Valentines Day or for wedding favors, making a donation truly honors the recipient.

These are two wonderful websites that make it easy:

Or start your own giving website, such as I did for the PATHwalk at My site is

You could create your own giving site for your personal favorite cause or register at one of those site, just as you would at a bridal registery at a store.

A gift to a worthy cause is a meaningful expression of your values that you’re sure to feel good about.

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