Essentials for your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is an opportunity to express the joy of your relationship and the meaning of your marriage partnership. Here are some tips to help ensure your ceremony is not just something people are waiting to end so the party can start.

Can everyone hear? Does your officiant have access to a sound system? If the wedding is larger than about 50 to 75 guests, and especially for outdoor ceremonies, where sound dissipates, it will be needed.

Choose music for your processional and recessional that reflects your style and taste. Your entrance should be slow and beautiful, but the exit can be uplifting and joyful. Don’t be afraid to choose non-traditional songs. Songs like Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me,” or Etta James’ “At Last,” are just two of examples of beautiful entrance selections. But if you have always imaged you’d enter to the “Wedding March,” otherwise known as the “Bridal Chorus,” or “Here Comes the Bride,” then, by all means do so!

Your vows are another way to express not only your love but your individuality. There are countless variations and you can personalize them with humor and/or serious thoughts and phrases. Unusual vows stand out and show your thoughtfulness.

Thank your guests and honor your family and friends. Personalize your ceremony and ask your officiant to include words honoring where you’ve come from as well as where you are going. None of us would be who we are, or where we are, without those who helped shape our lives. Your wedding is a big day for them as well.

In the photo I’m using a hand-held microphone because the sound of the ocean was so loud I needed to have a microphone that could compete! Normally I use a clip-on which is not visible in photos, but sometimes I need a little more!
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