Creating new ceremonies…

It seems that every day now I am either meeting with couples who areĀ  considering a ‘celebrant’ style wedding ceremony, or working on the many ceremonies I have booked for this coming year.

It is always a challenge to create unique and personal ways to express the meaning of each couple’s wedding. Thinking about their vision and life experiences, where they’ve come from and where they want to go – all informs me in my approach.

One of the interesting ideas I’ve been working on with blended families is to have the children involved with their own vows, giving voice to their commitment to the new family that is being created. For one couple with adult children, that will take a different form, of course. I’ve had some excitement about passing or ‘warming’ the rings, a ritual where the wedding rings are passed through the guests hands for their blessing, good wishes, or kind thoughts.

Rituals involving nature for weddings taking place outdoors are great, too. Tossing stones into a lake for example, with the appropriate language, can be quite amazing, although not for everyone!

I am continually challenged and excited and enjoy brainstorming with my clients to see what we can come up with, whether very traditional, or completely unique, to express the meaning of this most important day.

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