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Last Minute Weddings

From time to time I get calls from couples that want to get married quickly. There are countless reasons this happens. Calls come from couples who have been planning to marry for a long time but just haven’t been able to figure out when or how to do so. Sometimes the stress of planning a [...]

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Music and Your Wedding Ceremony

A long one today, as I am in a somewhat unique position to address the topic of music in your wedding ceremony. Not only am I a Celebrant, which has given me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of choices of ceremony music, but I am a musician and composer (pen name: Lois Brownsey). [...]

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Getting philosophical

Does pinning, tweeting, or updating our status make us feel more present in the world? Does it give us a sense of ourselves as the center of our own universe? I struggle with these on-line activities  which I do, admittedly, love and am slightly addicted to. And here I am, after all, writing my blog. When [...]

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Creating A Meaningful Bridal Shower

The bridal shower must have evolved from the concept of the dowry, as well as the idea of women wanting to spend  quality time with their close female friends and family before her wedding. So it is a way to share not only gifts, but time together.  But when the couple already has a home [...]

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