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1973: Advertisements, a glimpse of yesteryear

    Turn the pages of The Pocono Record back to page 6 of the Aug. 24, 1973, edition and you’ll discover a full page of advertisements, promoting the local hotpots. Here’s a look at some of the ads (click on ads to enlarge):  

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1965: Out with the old, in with the new – Ehrlich’s

In April 1965, residents of East Stroudsburg witness a passing of an era as the old Ehrlich’s Market building at 107 Washington St. was razed, making way for the expansion of the East Stroudsburg Saving, Building and Loans Association. A year earlier, the market had been moved to 112 N. Courtland St., the site of […]

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Wanna buy a photo?

Looking for an everlasting keepsake for that special person or unique present for a friend? The Pocono Record may have the perfect gift. Photos, taken by our professional staff or freelancers, can be transferred to T-shirts, puzzles, key chains, mugs, playing cards. And the list goes on. To order, click on the “shopping cart/Purchase this […]

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Did you dine at Jerry’s Diner?

Jerry’s Diner, gone from Stroudsburg for more than 15 years, was a community landmark at 207 N. Ninth St. Once known as the Lackawanna Trail Diner, Jerry’s listing faded from the local phone books in 1996-’97.   The name most associated with the diner is George Metropoulos. Metropoulos operated the diner until the early 1950s, […]

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1947: Whirldry Washers

Easy to carry, easy to store In 1947, when the sale of washing machines increased at the Wyckoff’s store in Stroudsburg, a new laundry aid, the portable Whirldry Washer, was added to the store’s line up. Already available at stores in some parts of the country, the sale of the Whirldrys at Wyckoff’s was the […]

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1939: Stewart Brodt slain

In 1926, businessmen Stewart Brodt placed an advertisement in the Morning Press, a local newspaper of the time, for a “closing out sale” at his Mount Pocono store. With the sale, the general store, which had been in operation since 1910, gained new life and Brodt would continue to run the business until his death […]

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Horse-clipper sharpening and graphophones shop

Chas. Schroeder, fixer-of-all-things ♦ ♦ ♦ In the early 1900s, Charles H. Schroeder operated a quasi-department store at 511 Main St., Stroudsburg. From his shop, he sold sporting goods as well as graphophones and records. He also sharpened horse clippers and fixed bicycles and repaired machinery of all kinds, according to an advertisement published in […]

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1915: Headlight Overalls sold at Levin’s

“A smile of satisfaction” Looking for a “guarantee” on the best overalls you’ll ever buy? Check out those labeled Headlight, which was a brand name of the Larned, Carter & Co. in Detroit, Mich. Although the union-made overalls you would purchase today would be vintage, current offers to sell and the history behind the aging […]

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1916: “Formerally” Whitesell’s

  “Family Trade Solicited” Ever wondered what happened to Whitesell’s in East Stroudsburg? It may be before your time. It disappeared from Crystal Street in 1916. Replacing the “formerally” Whitesell’s, opposite the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad station, was the family restaurant – Peters Cafe – owned by George A. Peters, according to an advertisement […]

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1913: Shultz’s Quality shop

How much time does a boy spend in his clothes?   At the East Stroudsburg location of Schultz’s Quality Shop on Oct. 16, 1913, the first day of the three-day “fall opening in the store just completed,” shoppers visited the “modern” men and women’s outlet, enticed by an advertisement that had been published in the […]

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