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‘Bugging me for years’

Was this crossing a kissing bridge? At one time in history, “Bridge #33″ served as a crossing somewhere in the Cherry Valley area. Perhaps, spanning a creek on a farm or on a town road. It’s been a mystery for long time, which Darrel Joyce, a former resident the Monroe County, is trying to solve. [...]

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Riding the rails

                             A bit of local railroad history: • In 1902, a passenger train on its way to East Stroudsburg ran into a landslide at Forge Cut. Although the passengers were shaken, no one was injured. The train was delayed about a half an hour as the track was cleared.              [...]

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Snow gets in

Not even the Little Gap Covered Bridge in Carbon County was impervious to the driving winds that followed the devastating snowfall of Feb. 6, 1978. Days after the storm, snow could be found resting on the bridge’s interior rimmed timbers. Seventy-three feet long and 15 feet wide, the bridge, which was added to the National [...]

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