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Looking back: West End Fair

Interesting facts about the West End Fair • Country singer Loretta Lynn belted out one hit after another before 5,500 fans during two shows at the 1991 West End Fair. • Joe Anewalt, a former director of the West End Fair, celebrated his 89th birthday on Aug. 24, 1971, which was also the first day […]

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1946: West End Fair’s 25th year

 Sidelights of the 1946 West End Fair The 25th annual West End Fair in 1946 was deemed a success. “Even the weather conspired with fair officials to achieve what was the greatest fair in history in many respects,” according The Record. Before the fair ended in Gilbert around midnight on Aug. 28, an estimated 20,000 […]

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Cruising the West End Fair in 1981 & ’82

                       View a “Yesterdays Photo” feature and more photos of the ’81-’82 West End Fair. The 2013 fair will be held Aug. 25 – 31, in Gilbert, Pa. For more information: ♦ ♦ ♦ Also, check out the Pocono Record’s 2013 West End Fair […]

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